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Carpet Stretching & Wrinkle Removal

carpet-stretching-santa-feReplacing your carpet can be expensive.  Re-stretch loose carpet to extend its life and improve the results of cleaning.  If you have wrinkles in your carpet, this is an indication of a loose carpet.  A loose carpet will wear faster than a tight carpet and doesn't clean as well because the carpet fibers tend to lay over on each other blocking the path for dirt to be sucked up when vacuumed or carpet cleaned, and then are rubbed against that grit wearing it out, especially in traffic lanes.

Carpet power stretching"Wrinkle removal" is also available for a temporary fix at a lower price.  Call us for an estimate.  If we can't fix your carpet, or find that your carpet is not good quality to stretch, we'll tell you that instead of just taking your money.

We can make your worn-out, dirty, loose carpet look almost new again, and if we can't, we'll tell you that instead of trying to fix it.  In most cases, it's cheaper to re-stretch and clean your carpet than to replace it.  Remember that if you want your carpet re-stretched, you will need to have it cleaned as well to get the full benefit of the work.

If your carpet is truly being stretched, you will see them using a power-stretcher as shown in the photo.  Otherwise they will use what is called a "kicker", which is a small tool which is kicked with the knee.