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Upholstery & Furniture Steam Cleaning

See the difference!  Has grandpa been sitting in that chair too long?  Has the dog made your recliner his favorite spot?  Maybe the kids spilled their Cheerios while watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Whatever the reason, it's always a good reason to steam clean your upholstery & furniture.

Did you know that bed bug infestations are up 5000 percent? If left untreated, just a few bed bugs can multiply to over 1200 bed bugs in just 90 days. Bed bugs tend to hitch rides on people and pets from one location to the next; and this is why we recommend that you have your beds and furniture steam cleaned periodically.

High temperature steam cleaning has been proven effective and also considered the safest method to kill bed bugs. Beware of using chemical sprays sold over-the-counter as these often contain toxic chemicals not only toxic enough to kill the bed bugs, but toxic enough to cause illness in humans. Remember, you will most likely use it where you sleep all night.



  • Vacuum and clean all areas of your home regularly.
  • Inspect your beds, and furniture on a regular basis for signs of infestations. Pay close attention to seams on furniture and upholstery. Look for brownish or redish spots as this could be a sign of eggs.